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Ethan Hale, founder of High Performance Consultants, is dedicated to anticipating and positioning to meet the needs of everyday change in business and personal development! Better versus different. Although we all want to become better at what we do it is differentiation that makes us stand out and be recognized. As your trusted High Performance Consultant, we can help your business be unique and among the elite in today’s competitive market. There is a dynamic growth going on now where thinking and ideas flourish! You need to be where growth is happening! Mobile marketing is one area where dynamic growth and evolution is occurring. We are experts in identifying possibilities and implementing strategic execution. Our success is dependent upon helping you achieve fast, reliable, and affordable results!



How are YOUR projects progressing?

Are your projects on track for this day, week, month, and quarter?
Do you need strategic help to grow beyond your current situation?
Would targeted media, including social, local, and even television ads help your business?
Do you need management, supervisor, or customized training?
Are you needing someone to write High Performance sales copy for you?

Well then, this is the place for you!!!  Our consultants and associates are constantly working to improve our service to you by providing you with only High Performance information and products.  Our coaching staff has a combined 30+ years in developing and delivering world class training, both online and off.

While you are here sign up  for our FREE newsletter.  There is no pressure for you to buy anything and we will not bombard you with emails, sell your info…ever, or do any of those underhanded, sneaky types of marketing tricks.  If you would like to sign up for our online or teleseminar coaching program, HYPERFORMANCE COACHING & CONSULTING please do not hesitate to contact the coaching staff @ or call             405-820-5845      .